To Blog or Not To Blog…

April 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

…this has been my question recently…I guess I was wondering “who the heck will be reading my posts and comments”???

I mean, blogging is not new to me, I have already a personal/family blog where I shared private information to my family back home like the pregnancy of my wife, the first months of my kid, etc.

But having posts about serious topics of my interest and sharing my insights, is something I haven’t done. Yet. Again, who will read this? Even my family won’t read it, most of them only by the fact that I am not writing in their native language, which is Spanish.

This is why I joined IE Business School, to try new things and embrace change. Hence I was more than happy to have a great class and professor (Enrique Dans) that assigned us to make a blog. This means I have now by default a potential of high qualified young and talented people, etc, to which I will now share my thoughts. And believe me when I tell you that this great experiment will work! They will read my posts!

Yesterday I reply to a blog post of Jose Ramon about privacy, and next day, I became sort of “famous” in class! Lot of classmate read my post and some of them have already reply them as well…

This will be very interesting! Blog to you soon…


§ 3 Responses to To Blog or Not To Blog…

  • Jose Ramon says:

    There is a saying that says, If you swim against the current you will eventually drown… I have realized that maybe that is exactly what I have been doing.

    I always make an effort to be open minded and after hearing your comments I am more and more open to finally joining a social site like FB, of course, managed in the most private way posible like you said.

    • Because FB privacy policy has been evolving very fast in the last months, I can (try to) help you master the art of making your experience in FB as privat as possible. The power of what a cold beer can do :)

  • Enrique Dans says:

    See what I said? That’s exactly the effect we are looking for… a digital nervous system within the class!! :-)

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