More on Facebook Privacy…

May 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Wow! its been what? 2 weeks since my latest post about Facebook and many things had happen since then. This is how things change now. Fast!

With the new Facebook privacy policies updated some days ago, the world has become crazy and bunch of people is writing about Facebook, well, mainly against Facebook. And I think they are right! Keep on writing!

As I already posted, we need to talk open about Facebook’s privacy and get involved! We are more than 400 million users, right? So, we, and only we have the power to change it. How? by writing openly about the privacy issues on Facebook, explaining and helping others how privacy at Facebook worksmentioning what to do to avoid account been compromised, getting the facts rightguiding them about what not to do on Facebook and keeping on writing on blogs about it!

My mayor complaint continues to be against people who, by default, are against Facebook… and mainly just to be against about something… As I said, I think Facebook is a great and powerful communication tool. Lets make sure we make it safe and useful. Otherwise, lets hope something similar, new and better arises. But until that happens, and meanwhile Facebook continues growing and growing, we just can’t avoid it!

Blog to you soon…

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§ 2 Responses to More on Facebook Privacy…

  • Jose Ramon says:

    Guerson, Guerson , Guerson…

    Privacy is one of those things that you don’t know how valuable it is until you lose it. I hate to say I told you so but Facebook’s recent mishap clearly shows the risk people run with a site like this. I agree this is an amazing tool that does more good than harm but personal information in the hands of third party people to me is not comforting especially when it is not being monitored. You dont think its scary? Read this:

    To go even further I have a friend who had a horrible experience with Facebook recently. Apparently somebody hacked into her profile and deleted several pictures of that person and at th same time wrote false things in the profile.

    After a sending an email complaint to Facebook, she got email saying, essentially, “we’re sorry”. Not good enough for me!

    • As you say: there is more good than harm. That’s life. And in life not everything will be good. If you get your email account hacked, you won’t stop sending emails, right?
      There are ways to minimize the risk of getting your account compromised. The more you are engaged in how this new tools work, the greater the chance to be better protected. Got the point?

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