Why “World of Mouth” is good…

May 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Eril Qualman, author of the Book Socialnomics, posted on his blog how Social Media has taken us from “Word of Mouth” to “World of Mouth”.

But why is this good?

The same “World of Mouth” power that made Facebook and Twitter successful (and is starting to bring in the mouth of everyone new ones like of Foursquare) has the same power to regulate them.

In this new “World of Mouth” order, we don’t need to wait to government or any other kind of special regulator entity to step in to control the system. We control it! We define it!

Take Facebook for example. The latest policy changes to its privacy settings have made the whole world speak about it. Because it is by getting involved how we do things now. Bloggers, newspaper columnist and even simple and unknown persons as me, have been writing about it. Mainly: about our concerns about the privacy issues.

The consequence: Facebook has accepted their mistakes and they are planning to change their policies again for good.

Should these privacy changes still not be enough, we, the world, will continue to talk about it and this same “World of Mouth” power that made Facebook famous, will make sure to bring them down an even could substitute them by someone else. There is no “To Big to Fail” in this Social Media Era! And this is good…

UPDATE [27.05.2010]: Facebook’s CEO has presented yesterday the new simplified Facebook policies…lets see what the World says about it!

Blog to you soon…

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§ One Response to Why “World of Mouth” is good…

  • Laura says:

    very interesting Guerson. I was having a conversation with a friend a few months ago about what can be defined as net democracy – she was complaining about sarkozy and some of his policies, saying how, thanks to the net, people can, maybe even than before, express themselves and change things for real…just a late night thought i wanted to share laura

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