Extra! Extra! Public wins over Private! 400m become 1bn!

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Facebook, the biggest social network of the world, was founded just 6 years ago. It started as a private/close network restricted to Harvard students only. Now, it has over 400 million users and is facing with the toughest challenge of all times: the revolution of global society.

My prediction for 2012

Prediction 1: Public will rule over Private. “They need to tell the story of a cultural trend towards openness and explain that while they started as private place, their (new) unashamed goal is move towards a public one.” Until now Facebook has failed to deliver this message to their users in a way it can be understood. On the contrary, many users have failed to understand that this openness is a natural thing (evolution) and is not necessary a Facebook problem (don’t shot the messenger!). How do you keep private the interaction of more than 400 million users? and all that for free? Why has Facebook not been that open on this topic as it should be? as we except them to be? Maybe is because the world is yet not ready… or maybe Facebook is yet not aware about their implied actions. But what about 2012? Would we be then ready? I believe we will.

Prediction 2: 1 billion users. One prediction I found from last June 2009 was an estimation of 500 million users for 2012 (current number in June 2009 was 200 million users). Facebook reach the 400 million mark beginning of 2010 though! (Thats exactly 200 million in just 8 months).

2012. Maya’s Calendar. End of days as we now it. Facebook will manage to go through this public/private policy crisis (see prediction 1) and if not someone else will. (it can’t be stopped!). Facebook could then easily reach the 1.000 million users mark for 2012 (see prediction 2).  Imagine China, India and other countries, some of them still blocking Facebook, joining the party? The global social impact will be tremendous! Is this part of the global revolution predicted by the Mayas for 21.12.2012? It definitively could be…

Blog to you soon…


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