For all those iPad skeptics!

June 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

I got my iPad and have been testing it for the last week. Hence, I can now talk about it! and delivery my review for all those skeptics out there. (Watch below, in spanish, as of second 55)

A frequent question I have received in the last week was: what is the added value compared to the iPhone or the iPod touch? 1. Screen Size! it does matter! what you are able to do with this huge and gorgeous display is amazing! 2. Battery life! 10 hours watching video or surfing the net? this is impressive! I start the day at 9am and for 1am I am still with 20% battery on my iPad. NO MORE cables! and 3. Speed! incredible fast and responsive. Amazing, even for productivity tools like keynote, pages, pdf editing, etc.

Still not convinced! here my insights for the frequent concerns of any iPad- skeptic.

1. Fact: The iPhone revolutionized the Mobile Phone industry. It sold 1 million unit in 74 days. The iPad has sold 2 million in just 60 days.

2. The iPad is NOT a big iPod touch. If you see the physical similarities, then consider the iPod Touch as an iPad Mini. (first came the iPad)

3. The iPad is not a laptop substitute, but a complement. Laptops (which will eventually substitute Desktops) will be your mobile computer for your office/home or anywhere you spend bunch of hours working. If you want to be really mobile, the iPad (or any tablet equivalent) is the mobile device for the road, because a) you don’t need cables, b) no worries about data loss (iPad is synchronized and backup via iTunes and can remotely be wiped out), c) battery will get you through an entire day of productivity and/or entertainment, d) its ultra light (650 gram) and e) doesn’t heat in your lap!

4. The iPad (and its equivalents to arrive from Google, RIM, etc) will kill the notebook market.

“The problem with netbooks is that they are better at nothing!” Steve Jobs.

5. Don’t believe the rest will follow? BB

Oh yes, we all criticize Apple for the needless products they make, but still everybody follows them. And I am the crazy one? or just a simple early adopter?

6. only 16-64GB? Please understand that when you are on the go, you don’t need ALL your 10000000 Songs/Videos/Files to move around with you, you just need to sync the data you need and that’s it. Need access to all your files? have you heard about “cloud computing”? Does “Dropbox” ring any bell to you?

7. Apple claims the iPad is the best experience (at least when you are on the go) for web browsing (forget about Flash), E-Mail, watching Movies and Videos, viewing photos, reading books, etc. And when installing some of the many thousand Apps for the iPad, you could do actually much more.

8. No Multitasking? I am sure you have read enough critical reviews about the iPad and you are not seeing the big picture here. Please note that a) the iPhone OS was created for multi-touch mobile devices and therefore, has a better battery performance and user interface and b) Apple is enabling a new way of Multitasking coming this Fall with the iOS 4 that will follow the goals of a) and add more and more features…

Still doubts? Let me know them and will be more than happy to discuss them.

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§ 4 Responses to For all those iPad skeptics!

  • Ritesh Raj says:

    Hey Guerson, can you throw some light on the issue of iPad not being able to run Adobe flash videos? Can this be overcome?


    • This is simple. Apple claims for many reasons ( that Flash is an old technology that will soon be totally overruled by HTML5. Google (youtube) and Microsoft endorse this statement as well. Apple is well known to be hard on these decisions and has just pulled out the plug on Flash. Same happened years ago with the floppy disk, with firewire 400, to name some examples. Apple tends to radically force users to adopt new technologies and forget the old ones. So far, Apple hasn’t done a bad job at all predicting (enabling) new technologies.
      So, in my humble opinion, this will not be overcome. There will not be Flash on the iPad, and believe me, it is better so. I have a great battery and performance thanks to HTML5 when watching videos. Also, almost all mayor videos providers are already providing content with HMTL5 technology…so the rest will follow… =)

  • You are right Parisa. I forgot to mention some critics and as any apple product, it is far from perfect. But I rather have a 80% ready product now, than wait 3 more years to get it. Many of my complains, which are software related will be addressed with the software update this fall i.e. Ability to stack apps in folders.

    Even though the battery life is amazing, is needs also a lot of time to charge… So, I put it to the wall every night and it works fine for me.

    I guess my mayor complain is that some of the core apple apps haven’t been updated for the iPad yet (MobileMe iDisk, web gallery, etc) and other are missing (voice notes, calculator, weather). This is ridiculous!

    See you soon tomorrow in class (finally!) :)

  • parisalouie says:

    You have almost sold it to me!! Would love to have a go on it in class tomorrow :-)
    However, all you have said are good things. (I can see that you are very exited about it) but is there anything that you would criticize about? Anything that does not work perfect or…could be improved?

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