My criticism of Apple’s new product cycles

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes! Even a proud Apple fan-boy like me has harsh critics against Apple.

You know the story. You buy an iPod, Macbook or iPhone and before a year goes by, Apple has just released a newer product or update making your current acquisition already look old. This is madness, you may think. But at least this practice is known.

Being an early adopter has its price. You enjoy an entire year of technology savvyness and you happen to see how all people who once complain, are now just following (the followers). Being an early adopter means you lead! and this is cool (and also expensive!).

But things are starting to changed now. Unfortunately. I have a 1 month new iPad (3 months old if you consider the US product lauch date) and I have already an old product!

As you may know, iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad share the same OS (renamed iOS from iPhone OS). Yesterday was the release of iOS 4.0. The good: it’s great! Finally multitasking and over 100 other new features. The bad: iPad has to wait until this Fall to receive the update.

To get things even worse, a new iPhone will be release on June 24th (sometime in July in Spain) and it brings amazing hardware improvements. Yes. Some of them outcome the ones of the iPad like better Ram (528 vs 256mb) and a better screen display (four times more pixels as before).

This is outrageous and having the latest and greatest iPad model makes me feel already outdated, both in software and hardware. And all this compared with a smartphone!

The big problem here, and this because I assume Apple know this, is that we can expect an even sooner new iPad hardware release next January? So, Things have changed. Technology, or Apple product cycles, seem to crunch now from 12 to 9 months!

So, you may now laugh at me, but let me tell you something: The pleasure and the productivity increase I have experienced in the last month with my iPad is priceless! And still the envy of most of those around! ;)

Blog to you soon….

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