Why print books will soon die…

August 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

I just finished reading my first “digital” book (To Big To Fail from Andrew Ross Sorkin) using the Kindle App for iPad and iPhone. The experience was delightful. I was using my iPhone in the Bus and sitting on a bench outside Zara, Mango, etc while my wife was shopping. My iPad was meant for reading back home, at school (during break) and sometimes from Parque del Retiro. Independent the time, location and/or device, I was always brought to the latest page read and all my bookmarks, notes and highlights were always there.

Digital Books, which already outsold printed books at Amazon.com last quarter, will soon be the standard format. I am sure I will also be telling my grandkids about this thing called “print books”.

2 simple reasons for this:

Convenience. Read any time, anywhere from any device and bring all your book collection with you. Download sample of future books to read and get personalized recommendations. Bookmark, highlight, make notes and instantly access to dictionary and search…yes, search within the book or with Google or Wikipedia from the book.

Reading becomes Social. Now with the Kindle App you can even see which parts of the book have been highlighted by other readers. This is really interesting, cause the Kindle App just slightly mark you the most popular highlights.

I was never an active book reader. But having this two advantages have made me want to read more and more. I no longer have to go to a library and wonder what to read next. I can now download books sample on the go whenever I get a good book recommendation or advice. Reading is now my main activity for any idle time on my day.

I am now reading What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis from the iBook App for iPhone and iPad and will see if it can beat the Kindle App experience.

Blog to you soon…

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§ 2 Responses to Why print books will soon die…

  • I agree. I think e-books are the way to go, and I am an avid reader. I will add another reason to your two, which is related to the environmental benefits of reducing paper waste.
    I prefer Kindle’s and similar (I have a Sony e-book) over iPad when it comes to read. I am not a big fan of back-lit screens when I am reading, I spend enough hours in front of the computer. I wonder If the guys from Apple (or any others) will come with a nice idea for tablets in that regard…

    • Oh boy. The LCD vs E-Ink discussion again :)
      I hope to post a comment on this soon.
      Here in short:
      – E-Ink of course is better. But only to read black and white books (don’t expect a color E-Ink soon). So, what about reading magazines or newspaper? Specially those interactive ones? (which you should agree is the future of magazines and maybe of books as well???)
      – iPad (and similar to arrive someday soon???) are just to convenient and versatile that you won’t need to have an additional device for anything else. Or do you expect to take to the park your e-reader, mp3 player, computer, mobile phone, camera, etc at the same time???
      – have you tried reading at night with your kindle while your significant other sleeps??? :)

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