Twitter is killing my RSS!

October 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

6 months ago I didn’t know how to use Twitter. I had an account, but I never used it. I just did’t understand Twitter. I normally used to get my feeds (News and Blogs) via RSS. Since I discovered Google Reader about a year ago, I have been syncing and reading feeds both in my Laptop, iPhone and iPad. For the last two, I first start using Newsrack but then discovered Reeder and Reeder for iPad three months ago and I was happy with the great design and user friendliness of this apps that made my Laptop almost obsolete for RSS reading…

Things have started to change…again…

Why Twitter is killing my RSS? This is why:

– RSS are just not social enough: I have just 3 friends following me in Google reader compared to 50 in twitter (and growing) and the >500 friends in Facebook in case I may share some links through it (something I normally don’t do, cause I am against bombings friends wall with tons of links on Facebook.)

Twitter Lists! I just discover this list-feature and this is amazing. It is a very easy way to follow things (persons, news, etc) of your choice and you can also follow lists that others have created or are following. @guerson/technology.

The Twitter App for iPad, which happened to be the beginnig of the new Twitter redesign and how Twitter is redefining the distribution of Information. The new Twitter just arrived Spain last week! Make sure to try it out!

Flipboard. This amazing App is an important milestone in the new digital era. Flipboard doesn’t follow feeds but tweets! It also shows twitter lists and is so far the best way to read content shared from Twitter. Flipboard is personalized, has great design, intelligent and it’s social! (it shows articles that are more relevant or popular among the people you follow and you can comment and share what you like as well).

– More than just feeds: Twitter is not only to get content (feeds) but also to get messages (tweets) from the people that we follow. And this makes twitter more personal. To organize content, either from twitter or from Flipboard I can mark things I like as favorite. I can also send the links to instantpaper or evernote to read later. I can open them in the browser and save them via delicious. Hence, Tweets can be managed as well as feeds are managed in Google Reader.

I have identified so far just one big drawback. Blogs. Still not everybody sends their blogs post via twitter. Also, if you just want to read only blogs and no other info from bloggers (such as location, what they eat, what they recommend to read, etc) then you should stick up just following their RSS feeds.

I guess I will still be using Google Reader via the Reeder App for iPhone and iPad to follow the shared links from my I/S Professor (@edans) at IE Business School (the only person I know so far that shares info via Google Reader…). I will still also read some specific Blogs I follow. But let’s just wait and see for how long my RSS can survive based only on these tasks niche. My prediction: my RSS will die soon and I am surely not the only one talking about this.


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