Want to be an Apple Store manager?

October 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

…then you have to first study an MBA at a top Business School!

Seriously, this is so far the worst “Bad Apple” ever… Or was it fault of the career office of the school who organized this career fair?

In my opinion you don’t search top potential for this kind of job. The Apple guy asked that all was needed was to be passionate for people and for technology. Well, I am passionate for both of them, specially for technology, but that doesn’t mean I want to work at an Apple Store at a genius bar to then (and maybe then) become a store manager. And this is not only my view but of all students I talked with after the event.

Well…career fairs are not meant to find your dream job anyway, but just another way to get to know unknown companies and chat about the same obvious stuff all students do with the most famous known ones.

To be more precise about my convictions, I didn’t even brought my CV with me. I actually decided to kill the printed version of my CV even though I got some strong disagreement of friends via facebook. I guess they just weren’t aware about the context of the situation. I decided instead to just have plain white business card with only following input: guersonmeyer.com/about. And I did give one! I realize now I should have added my email an tel in the back of the card. :)

To find your dream job is like finding your dream partner. It is normally all about relationships (I know a friend, of a cousin of a friends friend, etc), or through simple coincidence (love at first sight from both of the interested).

I am sure my dream job is somewhere out there… If I could only just know where. I guess I should remain calm. Good things are hard to get, but the reward is huge! And I know this because I already found my dream partner and created a wonderful baby boy with her. It was definitively worth the wait.

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§ 6 Responses to Want to be an Apple Store manager?

  • Jose Ramon says:

    Mr. Guerson,

    Im glad you decided to keep your blog active. I feel that since you represent the new generation of tech savy people in this world, it is my duty to represent the traditional old fashioned tech aware and tech cautious people in this world.

    I like the minimalistic approach. It is different, if you are looking for a job in Google or Apple. I would be very cautious because I’m not sure everybody will jump into that.

    Im guessing that this might be the future but have you considered the following:

    1. Risks of the website being hacked ( you knew I was going to go there)
    2. I saw your website, and you dont have any info on your professional experience. You dont even mention the companies or anything. What you did is re-route the person to your linked-in. I would be careful bc you are the one interested in the job, you dont want the HR person going in circles to find the information they want.

    HINT: Maybe create a private page with this information not necesarily linked in. A place where people can see your CV and just your CV with info. Great idea… if you do it give me some credit ;).

    3. I know you very well, and I regard you as a business oriented guy, but in the website you sound too techy. If thats where you want to go, great, if not I would show my business side too.

    On the flip side, I do like the idea. Let me know how it goes.

    • Thanks for your useful tips Ramon!
      See my comments to your points below:
      1. Hacking is not an issue. Who really wants to boycott me after all? =) Other candidate? It is like if someone sends fake CVs of you to companies to ridicule you. That just don’t happen in real life, and therefore, either online. This Blog is hosted by WordPress.com which is a strong and credible website. It would be much easier to hack the ie.edu website than this one!
      2. Good point here, i have just added a PDF of my CV that can be easily be accessed directly from the main menu. Take a look and tell me what you think!
      3. This blog started as an assignment of Enrique Dans, then became a personal hobby website. Now it is transforming to be more and only about me. So expect more Business related posts as well! Soon you will also find more info about my entrepreneurship venture here. I am not deleting the old posts, cause I don’t feel like hiding my previous experience when constructing this blog. You know me, it is all about the experience, transparency and doing things differently!

      I am glad you continue reading my blog and I hope you are still enjoying the content of my posts!

      Take care my friend

  • Joao moreira says:

    I have pledged to ditch the paper version of my CV too but you should have seen the face of the “leading telecom operator HR” when, at her request for CV, I took out the ipad to show her the electronic version!

    I never felt so much like a geek! It’s either that or there is something seriously wrong in the telecom world today…

    • I guess it is not only about changing paper for digital but the whole process of approaching for the right job. Just as Porot said: Don’t give a CV! I am sure showing your CV (from ipad or in paper) to this women on the career fair (probably HR) won’t help you find the JOB you really want anyway.

  • Enrique Dans says:

    No, Guerson, do not add your telephone and e-mail in the back of the card. If you go minimal, then go minimal, don’t ruin the minimalistic image with extra info like an absurd Microsoft packaging. The purpose of your business card is to convey an image and to get the recipient of the card to remember you: anyone interested in hiring you can go ahead and type the address in the card. If they are too analog and they can’t type a web address, then don’t work for them! :-) And remember: do not add the extra info, or you’ll suffer a Jobsian curse that will haunt your life forever!!!

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