Will Blogs take over News Media?

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today at 13:30 (Madrid) Julio Alonso (@JulioAlonso) founder and CEO of Weblogs will join our “Managing Tech Startup” Class with Enrique Dans (@edans). I will be liveblogging from the session via twitter #ietechstartup and see how it goes.

My own experience with blogs has been fascinating. Before I came to IE I did not understand what a Blog was and now, almost 10 months afterwards, I am an active blogger with over 3000 views so far. I also have changed my habits, for example, I am starting to read now more blogs than news website. Therefore my first question to Julio Alonso:

– If more and more journalist are becoming bloggers, when do you expect blogs to outpace traditional news corporations? What needs to happen for this to take place?

The thing I like about my blog is that it is very personalized channel I don’t need any intermediary (besides WordPress). I follow also famous bloggers because of this same feature. Additionally I follow Weblog-like blogs like TechCrunch, Engadget, etc. But there is a limit of blogs I can follow. I have already a queue of 1000 post in my google reader waiting for me =) (and growing!)

My second question goes more about the quality of the content of blogs. Reading TechCrunch I see more and more people complaining about the quality of the post. Some of them look sponsored blogs and based that bloggers are paid on the amount of blogs they write, quality issues are arising.

– How do you maintain bloggers happy and at the same time assure high-quality blogs?

A new feature was introduced by Facebook. Facebook Comments. TechCrunch is experimenting with it and they are some initial data that suggest that “trolls” (people trying to boycott the blogger with negative and offensive comments) have been reduced significantly. I am a pro Facebook authentication. Specially for blogs! Hence my third question:

– What do you think of Facebook Comments? Are they defining how we will interact in blogs and elsewhere in the future?

I look forward for this session to start. Follow the liveblog on twitter #ietechstartup

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