Entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean ruining your personal life

March 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

Or does it? This is again, as everything else you hear around entrepreneurship, a relative statement and just a point of view. But I believe it is an extremely important principle to have as an entrepreneur, as Iñaki Arrola (LinkedIn, Twitter), founder of Coches.com, also does. Iñaki told us that his wife is the most important stockholder at any of his ventures and that he knows he will be remembered in life by his kids and not by Coches.com.

Setting the right goal is key. As father of a boy and expecting father of a girl, I know about the enormous challenge of starting (trying to start) a new venture. But it is not impossible. The harder the obstacles, the more focused you get. Your partner is your most important stockholder and therefore, you need to make her happy somehow. Been an entrepreneur is just a way of lifestyle and philosophy, not life itself. Family is.

So, it is possible to become an entrepreneur and a good husband and father at the same time. But if you had to choose, be a husband and father.

To see the live feed about Iñaki Arrola session, please follow the twitter hashtag #ietechstartup

§ 4 Responses to Entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean ruining your personal life

  • Thank you Guerson for your comments, I really had a great time with you guys. Love to your wife and amost two kids! :)

  • Martin says:

    I would just call them the most important stakeholder not shareholder … or actually, I wouldn’t use neither of both.

    I would say, if you have a class A wife but a class B idea you will be more successful than by having a class B wife and a class A idea.

  • Agreed, but I’d go even further. You don’t need to have a family and kids to have your priorities set right. Whether you’ve got someone around or are flying solo as Sebastian, I think balance in life is really important. And indeed starting a venture is a time consuming event, so you better plan carefully what you’re getting into.

  • sebastian says:

    very interesting point, Guerson! I fly solo in life (no partner, no kids…) but I completely agree with you. Keep your wonderful wife as your main stockholder and everything will go perfect for you! Good luck in new venture sir!

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