Is Google TV just another TV-Box?

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am not sure to share all the hype around the Google TV, and there is still people out there that does not see why Google TV is so great. For me, Google TV is that great product Microsoft was not able to bring to the market with its Web TV, but that’s about it, just another box. Of course it will be a great box if you consider that the bandwidth is now much better that allows better video streaming (even in HD). With all this new apps as the one found in the iPhone AppStore, I am sure Google TV will be a great product. But is Google really changing the rules of the industry? In my opinion it isn’t, just as Apple TV didn’t either (reason why Apple decided to call the whole project “just a hobby”).

It’s the same internet after all. Google is bringing with Google TV just more internet to your TV. The internet you already had in your laptop or mobile phone. Google just links your current cable subscriptions (ie. iDish), your current paid content on demand (Amazon) and other subscription via close platforms like Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all in a box (or TV if you buy a new TV with Google TV included). That’s it. I see a great product, not a revolution.

Designed by techies for techies. It really shocked me when I first saw the Google TV remotes made by Sony and Logitech. How do they plan to bring Google TV to mainstream with these? Shouldn’t Google TV make life easier? This can’t be right… Here I can only cry out loud “Apple, please help!!!” Yes, even though Apple TV is far away to be game changer of the TV industry, they at least know how to keep things simple than even my grandma is able to play with it.

Products design to be simple (Apple TV Remotes):

…and now products that just aren’t (Google TV Remotes, available as of october 2010):

So, I guess I am only worried that Google TV will be so complicated to set up and uncomfortable to use, that it will never gain the market leadership expected vs the other tv-boxes available in the market.

Prices! The first known prices for Google TV are just outrageous! ($299 vs the $99 for an Apple TV, Roku and Boxee) and this not including the TV-Keyboard. I don’t know if Google will finally be able to earn some profits from non-online search related revenues, or the TV/Box manufacturers have just got crazy when defining the pricing strategy. I mean, this is not an Apple product where you are used to pay premiums for. If Google TV is aimed to revolutionize TV and therefore conquer mainstream, then why the high prices?

About the TV Industry. I think to agree on Steve Jobs’ views regarding the TV industry when he says that the problem of the innovation in the Television is not the lack of technology but the problem of the Go-To-Market strategy. There is no single national cable operator in any country to partner with for example. For this reason, it is not possible to partner with someone and reinvent the industry as it was done by Apple with the music industry (partnering with the big 4 music empires) or the mobile industry (partnering with AT&T). Hence, Google TV is in my humble view not reinventing the industry, but just bringing another great new box to your living room. One with a new design shipped with all these new features: redesigned web pages, Apps, social networks, streaming, HD, and of course, the new lovely remotes! (Most of these already included or to be included in Apple TV, Roku or Boxee.)

I am definitively not skeptic of the Google TV, I just think Google TV is not killing the subscriptions with the cable networks or your apps subscriptions (Hulu, etc) and it is only about getting a new box. And this is by far not the revolution of the TV industry I was expecting, at least not yet…we will see.

Want to be an Apple Store manager?

October 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

…then you have to first study an MBA at a top Business School!

Seriously, this is so far the worst “Bad Apple” ever… Or was it fault of the career office of the school who organized this career fair?

In my opinion you don’t search top potential for this kind of job. The Apple guy asked that all was needed was to be passionate for people and for technology. Well, I am passionate for both of them, specially for technology, but that doesn’t mean I want to work at an Apple Store at a genius bar to then (and maybe then) become a store manager. And this is not only my view but of all students I talked with after the event.

Well…career fairs are not meant to find your dream job anyway, but just another way to get to know unknown companies and chat about the same obvious stuff all students do with the most famous known ones.

To be more precise about my convictions, I didn’t even brought my CV with me. I actually decided to kill the printed version of my CV even though I got some strong disagreement of friends via facebook. I guess they just weren’t aware about the context of the situation. I decided instead to just have plain white business card with only following input: And I did give one! I realize now I should have added my email an tel in the back of the card. :)

To find your dream job is like finding your dream partner. It is normally all about relationships (I know a friend, of a cousin of a friends friend, etc), or through simple coincidence (love at first sight from both of the interested).

I am sure my dream job is somewhere out there… If I could only just know where. I guess I should remain calm. Good things are hard to get, but the reward is huge! And I know this because I already found my dream partner and created a wonderful baby boy with her. It was definitively worth the wait.

If you don’t want an iPhone 4, don’t buy it!

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and if you bought one and you don’t like it…give it back!

This song really summarizes the “antennagate” problem pretty well. It is incredible that yesterday Apple used this video for their short announced conference introduction. Hilarious! During this event, Apple acknowledged the problems with the iPhone antenna and showed some facts about the situation. So, it seams that this is not an iPhone only problem, but applies for all smartphones.

Regarding the bumpers: I really don’t like to cover well designed products with cases, but if you don’t mind about it, you can now get free bumpers ($30) from Apple.

Again, if you still don’t like the iPhone 4, simply don’t buy it. And if you bought one and you don’t like it, give it back for a full cash refund. It’s that simple!

Can we now move on?

Blog to you soon…

For all those iPad skeptics!

June 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

I got my iPad and have been testing it for the last week. Hence, I can now talk about it! and delivery my review for all those skeptics out there. (Watch below, in spanish, as of second 55)

A frequent question I have received in the last week was: what is the added value compared to the iPhone or the iPod touch? 1. Screen Size! it does matter! what you are able to do with this huge and gorgeous display is amazing! 2. Battery life! 10 hours watching video or surfing the net? this is impressive! I start the day at 9am and for 1am I am still with 20% battery on my iPad. NO MORE cables! and 3. Speed! incredible fast and responsive. Amazing, even for productivity tools like keynote, pages, pdf editing, etc.

Still not convinced! here my insights for the frequent concerns of any iPad- skeptic.

1. Fact: The iPhone revolutionized the Mobile Phone industry. It sold 1 million unit in 74 days. The iPad has sold 2 million in just 60 days.

2. The iPad is NOT a big iPod touch. If you see the physical similarities, then consider the iPod Touch as an iPad Mini. (first came the iPad)

3. The iPad is not a laptop substitute, but a complement. Laptops (which will eventually substitute Desktops) will be your mobile computer for your office/home or anywhere you spend bunch of hours working. If you want to be really mobile, the iPad (or any tablet equivalent) is the mobile device for the road, because a) you don’t need cables, b) no worries about data loss (iPad is synchronized and backup via iTunes and can remotely be wiped out), c) battery will get you through an entire day of productivity and/or entertainment, d) its ultra light (650 gram) and e) doesn’t heat in your lap!

4. The iPad (and its equivalents to arrive from Google, RIM, etc) will kill the notebook market.

“The problem with netbooks is that they are better at nothing!” Steve Jobs.

5. Don’t believe the rest will follow? BB

Oh yes, we all criticize Apple for the needless products they make, but still everybody follows them. And I am the crazy one? or just a simple early adopter?

6. only 16-64GB? Please understand that when you are on the go, you don’t need ALL your 10000000 Songs/Videos/Files to move around with you, you just need to sync the data you need and that’s it. Need access to all your files? have you heard about “cloud computing”? Does “Dropbox” ring any bell to you?

7. Apple claims the iPad is the best experience (at least when you are on the go) for web browsing (forget about Flash), E-Mail, watching Movies and Videos, viewing photos, reading books, etc. And when installing some of the many thousand Apps for the iPad, you could do actually much more.

8. No Multitasking? I am sure you have read enough critical reviews about the iPad and you are not seeing the big picture here. Please note that a) the iPhone OS was created for multi-touch mobile devices and therefore, has a better battery performance and user interface and b) Apple is enabling a new way of Multitasking coming this Fall with the iOS 4 that will follow the goals of a) and add more and more features…

Still doubts? Let me know them and will be more than happy to discuss them.

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