Want to be an Apple Store manager?

October 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

…then you have to first study an MBA at a top Business School!

Seriously, this is so far the worst “Bad Apple” ever… Or was it fault of the career office of the school who organized this career fair?

In my opinion you don’t search top potential for this kind of job. The Apple guy asked that all was needed was to be passionate for people and for technology. Well, I am passionate for both of them, specially for technology, but that doesn’t mean I want to work at an Apple Store at a genius bar to then (and maybe then) become a store manager. And this is not only my view but of all students I talked with after the event.

Well…career fairs are not meant to find your dream job anyway, but just another way to get to know unknown companies and chat about the same obvious stuff all students do with the most famous known ones.

To be more precise about my convictions, I didn’t even brought my CV with me. I actually decided to kill the printed version of my CV even though I got some strong disagreement of friends via facebook. I guess they just weren’t aware about the context of the situation. I decided instead to just have plain white business card with only following input: guersonmeyer.com/about. And I did give one! I realize now I should have added my email an tel in the back of the card. :)

To find your dream job is like finding your dream partner. It is normally all about relationships (I know a friend, of a cousin of a friends friend, etc), or through simple coincidence (love at first sight from both of the interested).

I am sure my dream job is somewhere out there… If I could only just know where. I guess I should remain calm. Good things are hard to get, but the reward is huge! And I know this because I already found my dream partner and created a wonderful baby boy with her. It was definitively worth the wait.

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