Notes from the European E-Commerce (EEC) in Madrid

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today I had the pleasure to attend the European E-Commerce Conference in Madrid. Overall great keynote speakers!

The whole thing was more USA and Social Media/Digital Marketing oriented and less eCommerce but I think it was good so.
The eCommerce tool is just the commodity and there is not much to talk about. In the other hand, there is much to learn on how to implement eBusinesses that are really successful using the newest of the trends like making eCommerce platforms more mobile, personal, social and local (as described by Google).

From the conference I missed only more questions from the public, I guess spaniards were shy to speak in English (for those who can speak it!).

See below my notes (unedited) from the conference:

Brian Wiegand (CEO
– serial entrepreneur
– important is also to create value for shareholders.
– innovation and passion (reinvent how things are done in the traditional way).
– Bizflings, Nameproject, Jellfish sold to Microsoft.
– CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).
– Private levels challenges the industry. Retailers are making own products. Best customers are your worst competitors. Private levels growing fast!!!
– Media is changing. 3 to 3000 channels! Media fragmentation. Relationship of suppliers with Retailers not consumers! Consumers hate advertisements. Companies relying in traditional advertising are not getting the sales they use to make.
Responds of suppliers? More and more adds!!! (wrong approach)
– Desintermediation. Manufacturers are the fastest growing segment online.
– specialized marketplace. Supplier decides the products. Supplier is the retailer. Suppliers get all the data!
– adding coupons in the future. Free samples.
– free shipping and better prices otherwise why buy online!!!
– Logistics: taking care by suppliers.

Victoria Ransom (Wildfire)
– facebook represent the biggest change to marketing. More than google. Facebook beats google.
– earned, owned, paid media. 3 tips of digital content.
Earned media: 90% trust friend recommendations.
36% becoming fan on FB are more willing to buy!
– more creativity and patience is required to build relationships with FB fans.
– Consumers do engage with brands.
– 3 ways to use FB marketing:
Grow: grow existing audience! cross promotion with newsletter, website. Encourage friends to spread the word. Facebooks ads (give them a reason to click, don’t drive people outside of facebook, advertise to friends of fans, check out Do promotions. (keep it simple, photo contest easier than video contest; make it social, price to winner and price to the one that referred to winner; personal! aim peoples interest! Passion!)
Engage: tell (careful with FB algorithm!) ask questions! (u need comments) ask for likes! tap. Quality>quantity. Deals, entertainment (games, quizzes), exclusivity.
Monetize: coupons. Special deal.

Ge Wang (Smule)
– social music.
– what people can do with technology and not the other way around

Clay Bavor (Google)
The evolution of eCommerce (The google perspective)
– 2005 The world was old back then!!
(presentation tips: context related, very good!)
– Trends: mobile, local, social, personal
People love shopping from their phone.
Google goggles. Google shopper. Visual, audio search enhance shopping.
Google product search. Already in France. Soon in other European countries.
– How to evolve: bet on the Internet, be found, try new formats (sitelinks), optimize for mobile, be social, personalize, get local.
– Google shopper. Visual, audio search enhance shopping.

Tom Ryan (CEO of Threadless)
– DIY day every quarter. Pitch of ideas.
-build a community better of what people are already doing.
– 3 groups: artists, recommendations, buyers.
– Act human: authenticity is non-negotiable
– learn to let go & give control to your customer.
– marketing is the result of great products.
– great products want to be shared.

Roundtable: Logistics
– customers pays one way or another for delivery. There is nothing like “free delivery”. If margin of sale is high enough, delivery can advertised as free.
– home deliveries is the easiest way to do. Deliver products where you are.
– enable delivery options (immediately, delayed, etc). Coordinate this with the logistic partners.

ReĆ­ Inamoto (Chief Creative Officer, AKQA)
– The best advertising isn’t advertising.
Storytelling + Technology
Storytelling + Media
“we are not in the business of keeping media agencies alive” CMO of Nike
“Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service” amazon CMO
Peoples behavior are changing fundamentally.
Production + Communication. New frontier of what we do.
Product development talking to Marketing (Chief Marketing Technology officer)
From Storytelling to Storyenabling.
Fiat Eco:)rive.
Product design + Storytelling
Functions + Emotion

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