Productivity 2.0: Should ERPs adapt to companies?

June 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Those of us that come from some engineering background know what Enterprise Resource PLaning (ERP) is all about. We also know the mayor players in this industry areĀ SAP (Germany), ORACLE (USA) and PeopleSoft (already acquired by ORACLE).

The philosophical question above is not to talk in detail about ERP specs, but about the future of ERP. With the increase use of mobile devices like smartphone and tables, user within companies are becoming more and more flexible and more aware of the need to become even more productive. Process optimization for all mayor areas within an organization has to be taken to the next level. Productivity 2.0.

Customer is king and in my humble opinion, ERP systems (and providers) will have to adapt to companies more to their different and flexible needs. The use of “closed” cloud computing and other technologies will make this possible. Cost may increase due further customer software customization, but in exchange, companies will become more productive. And this means more business for all!

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