If you are a global company, do things globally!

August 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

There is nothing worse than to be a global company, like Facebook, and announce a major and revolutionary application, like Facebook Places, and don’t roll it out globally. Not even mentioning roll-out dates.

Facebook has more users in the rest of the world than in USA. All this media hype about this new feature has just empowered the main and new Facebook partners regarding geolocation: Foursquare and Gowalla. The first has already record sign ups after the lauch of Facebook Places.

No wonder, if you are the biggest social network out there with more than 500 million users, you can’t just announce a mayor feature like this one and exclude the rest of the world. Facebook excluded even all Android and Blackberry users, causer Places works so far with iPhone and via touch.facebook.com only.

Bloggers are starting to wonder what would happen now with Foursquare, after “joining” forces with Facebook. Well, in my view, Facebook has still 3 big challenges:

1. if you are a global company, act globally! Take Apple for example, they normally roll-out global products, and if not, like the iPhone or iPad, is mainly because of manufacturing reasons and there is always an “expected roll-out date” announce. But software??? Software of global companies should always be rolled-out globally.

2. Privacy, privacy, privacy. The 2 million Foursquare user are most of them the trendy early adopter users. Facebook now aims geolocation to mainstream, to the normal users. This is good. But “normal users” tend to be more picky, whining normally about privacy, security, etc, etc…

3. While Facebook, as the 800 pound gorilla, tries to bring geolocation to mainstream, I am sure Foursquare is already thinking into the next big thing after just “checking-in”. Foursquare is small and definitively more flexible.

I can’t talk more about Facebook Places, cause I haven’t been able to use it yet. I have updated the Facebook App for iPhone and I can see the Places icon (which is weird to see it has a 4 in a square) but I can’t use it. Facebook hasn’t, of course, rolled-it-out in Spain. No “expected dates” so far annouced…mmm…

If you are a global SOFTWARE company, you have to do things GLOBAL!!!

Blog to you soon…

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