If you don’t want an iPhone 4, don’t buy it!

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

and if you bought one and you don’t like it…give it back!

This song really summarizes the “antennagate” problem pretty well. It is incredible that yesterday Apple used this video for their short announced conference introduction. Hilarious! During this event, Apple acknowledged the problems with the iPhone antenna and showed some facts about the situation. So, it seams that this is not an iPhone only problem, but applies for all smartphones.

Regarding the bumpers: I really don’t like to cover well designed products with cases, but if you don’t mind about it, you can now get free bumpers ($30) from Apple.

Again, if you still don’t like the iPhone 4, simply don’t buy it. And if you bought one and you don’t like it, give it back for a full cash refund. It’s that simple!

Can we now move on?

Blog to you soon…

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