Why “World of Mouth” is good…

May 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Eril Qualman, author of the Book Socialnomics, posted on his blog how Social Media has taken us from “Word of Mouth” to “World of Mouth”.

But why is this good?

The same “World of Mouth” power that made Facebook and Twitter successful (and is starting to bring in the mouth of everyone new ones like of Foursquare) has the same power to regulate them.

In this new “World of Mouth” order, we don’t need to wait to government or any other kind of special regulator entity to step in to control the system. We control it! We define it!

Take Facebook for example. The latest policy changes to its privacy settings have made the whole world speak about it. Because it is by getting involved how we do things now. Bloggers, newspaper columnist and even simple and unknown persons as me, have been writing about it. Mainly: about our concerns about the privacy issues.

The consequence: Facebook has accepted their mistakes and they are planning to change their policies again for good.

Should these privacy changes still not be enough, we, the world, will continue to talk about it and this same “World of Mouth” power that made Facebook famous, will make sure to bring them down an even could substitute them by someone else. There is no “To Big to Fail” in this Social Media Era! And this is good…

UPDATE [27.05.2010]: Facebook’s CEO has presented yesterday the new simplified Facebook policies…lets see what the World says about it!

Blog to you soon…

More on Facebook Privacy…

May 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Wow! its been what? 2 weeks since my latest post about Facebook and many things had happen since then. This is how things change now. Fast!

With the new Facebook privacy policies updated some days ago, the world has become crazy and bunch of people is writing about Facebook, well, mainly against Facebook. And I think they are right! Keep on writing!

As I already posted, we need to talk open about Facebook’s privacy and get involved! We are more than 400 million users, right? So, we, and only we have the power to change it. How? by writing openly about the privacy issues on Facebook, explaining and helping others how privacy at Facebook worksmentioning what to do to avoid account been compromised, getting the facts rightguiding them about what not to do on Facebook and keeping on writing on blogs about it!

My mayor complaint continues to be against people who, by default, are against Facebook… and mainly just to be against about something… As I said, I think Facebook is a great and powerful communication tool. Lets make sure we make it safe and useful. Otherwise, lets hope something similar, new and better arises. But until that happens, and meanwhile Facebook continues growing and growing, we just can’t avoid it!

Blog to you soon…

About Privacy And Some Odd Reasons For Not Having Facebook

May 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Interestingly enough, the last two days I have been spending more time writing about privacy and Facebook (FB), than I should be concentrated in my MBA studies. (See posts on blog of two other ie Business School students Jose Ramon and Yaron Ventura).

Some people may even think that FB is paying me for this…but no…unfortunately not =)

My insights about privacy and FB:

1.  Fact: there are more than 400 million FB users. The half of them use FB on a regular (daily) basis. This is the size of countries like USA (300 Mill), Germany (80 Mill) and some other European countries combined. Note that FB is not yet in China (no wonder).

2. You can DO manage your privacy settings in FB by: a) managing privacy settings in FB (challenging for some/new users, due the constant privacy policy changes), and b) just by sharing the information YOU consider appropriate sharing.

3. People against FB would have probably been also against the Industrial Revolution, landing on the moon, or other products of technology like TV, Internet, Email, etc… As with evolution, technology can NOT be stopped. As Jose Ramon wisely posted on my blog, “Swimming against the current will eventually drown you”.

4. If you don’t have FB and have ANYTHING worth sharing with the rest of the world is because: a) you have something to hide (you should probably wear a paper bag in your face when walking on the street so NOBODY sees you. Thats 100% privacy!), b) you have nothing interesting to say (get a life), c) you are paranoid about intimacy (which is kind of silly, cause there is always something you can share without making you feel vulnerable), d) you think you are more intelligent than 400 million other persons to waste your time on FB (who is the dumb here?) or e) you are close-minded and just hate everything that has do with modern (actual) technology. You can then consider yourself “the angry Grandpa” of the room.

5. Yes, FB has lots and lots of junk on it…but same as TV (without paying cable you are toast, wherever you live!) or Internet or Emails (78% of the 210 billion e-mails sent each day are spam). So, does this mean we stop using this technologies? No. We just learn to filter. We learn to maximize the experience. So, if you are getting annoyed of someone posting junk in your FB wall? Just hide this person from your wall! (You just have to click one button. Can it be more easy? And you thought you were more intelligent that 400 million persons?)

6. Because FB has become so popular, it has become the most powerful distribution tool of information I can ever have imagine of.  You can share and do in FB WHATEVER you want (personal/public, business/marketing, etc…you and only you decide). So, use this power tool wisely instead of whining about it!

7. FB should never replace your communication channel with your friends, relatives or other contacts. FB, like email or telephone, is just an additional/alternative (and powerful) channel to reach and interact with people.

8. If you can’t let your mother in law see your profile is because: a) you are not a transparent person, b) you don’t have a cool mother in law. These are not problems of FB, these are your problems!

9. If you are a FB hater/critic and you don’t even have a FB account (and probably you won’t even be reading this post anyway, cause you surely also don’t know what a blog is or do and therefore against it) please avoid talking, complaining and worst of all REVIEWING about things YOU DON’T KNOW and haven’t EXPERIENCE yet… Again: and you thought you were more intelligent than 400 million persons?

Recap: Sure privacy will and should continue to be a highly discussed topic about FB. This is good. We, the transparent and serious active users on FB, have to step in and demand the proper tools to keep FB enjoyable and privacy safe (privacy manageable). Getting off the hightech-train at this point and watching it heading to the unbuilded bridge (and therefore the precipice) is not an option. Let us better be bridge-builders!

Stepping yourself in front of the train and try to stop it?… I am not even going to answer that one… =)

Blog to you soon…

PS: try the poll to find more about how much info others share on FB!

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