4 months of iPad…

October 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

It is now more than 4 months since I got my iPad and it has been a wonderful experience so far. If I used my laptop 40% and my smartphone 60% during a normal day, now, with my iPad, I am using my laptop 20%, my smartphone 50% and the rest (30%) goes for the iPad.

After some hard test and after some money spent in hundreds of apps (165 actually are installed included all those free ones), the iPad happens to be the greatest pleasure and experience for the following (display in order of usage):
– reading news, articles, twitts and blogs (Reeder, Flipboard, Instanpaper, Pulse, Twitter)
– reading news from special newspapers (Financial Times, BBC, NYT, WSJ, etc)
– reading books (iBooks, Kindle, Nook)
– reading Magazines (Wired, Zinio, Fortune, Newsweek, Times)
– reading and writing emails and even writing drafts of my blogs (WordPress)
– watching videos in YouTube, podcast, or rented/purchased videos from iTunes.
– Playing games and doing other stuff I never though of doing

Still, the iPad is yet not for super users and probably will never be. Enrique Dans mentioned some good arguments which I completely agree. Most of the reasons are still due the obvious iPad limitations like no multitasking and no printing. But many of these will be addressed with the software update iOS 4.2 in November. And lets face it, there will always be phisical limitations for higher performance activities like those done while sitting for 8 hours in an office!

I think I agree with the analogy that Steve Jobs did during the D8 Conference, where he compares desktops and laptops in the future to be like trucks and tablets like cars. Trucks will always be needed, specially for heavy duty tasks, but for the rest, tablets like the iPad will be the gadget to use.

With the iPad I can enjoy all those activities which are quite inconvenient to do on a laptop, plus, I don’t need to carry cables with me, no extra battery (actually not even worry about battery life throughout the day) and best of all, it does not heat on my lap! (or hands!) and doesn’t makes sound! With the iPad I can enjoy doing things I couldn’t do before and there is no week that goes by without finding a new App that changes the way I do certain things, or better, do things in a more convenient and productive way (taking handwritten audio-notes sync with dropbox for example).

2010 was the year of the tablet, even though the iPad has been the only one to arrive the market sofar. 2011 will definitively be interesting with Blackberry Playbook, Samsungs Galaxy and the rest to appear from HP, Microsoft, etc. Having more and better tablets will make my future iPad even better, just as it happend with the iPhone. Due Apple’s philosophy of doing certain things right, rather than many things wrong, I am confident that there will be no Killer iPad for the next years.

So, once again, those iPad skeptics were wrong! As Steve Jobs said on the D8, consumer goods are fascinating because they are the ones that choose what to or not to buy (not like enterprises, where decisions are taken somewhere and sometimes by old fashion IT managers who are experts on making the wrong decisions). The iPad has been selling like crazy, so Apple most have done something right.

Ps: this post was written from my iPad, reviewed from my smartphone and shortly edited (links) from my laptop.

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