Revealed! Even magic tricks are not longer safe now…

December 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you are a fan of magic or just someone who loves to keep things in secret, then you are going to hate the links I am posting below. I just hope I don’t get arrested as Wikileaks founder did today!

David Copperfield Flying. (…and here the trick revealed!)

Disappearing the Statue of Liberty by David Copperfield. (…and here the trick revealed!)

David Copperfield crossing the China Wall (…and here the trick revealed!)

Actually you can find almost all magic tricks revealed in YouTube by now. So, if you are planing these days to make a living by keeping things secret, then think again.

Technology is changing the world directly and indirectly. It takes only one staff member from the David Copperfield team to upload a picture or video to the net to reveal the most precious secret!  It takes only one employee to reveal the next iPhone before it reach the market. It only takes a soldier to reveal secret government information. And all without the need of a hacker, a spy, or any other kind of sabotage activity. The hardest truth comes from within, where it needs to come from and only when it needs to be revealed. There is no way of controlling information from within and it can not longer be kept secret forever.

So? what do? Fight against it? or better simply adapt to it and change behaviors to avoid exposure? Well, it is sad to see how people, companies, industries and even governments keep on thinking they can stop this trend and hence, continue to make the same mistakes, again and again. Take the US Government for example, trying to neutralize Wikileaks by shutting down their domains or  by using all of their power to bring Julian Assange down. Do they really think these leaks can be stopped? Wikileaks or any of the 100 mirror pages, or even better, any new similar site to Wikileaks will continue as long as there is truth to be revelead.

So, as David Copperfield’s magic, there is no way to keep these secrets safe these days…is this necessary bad? What speaks against a transparent information society? Yes, we all like magic tricks, but we all know they are just that, magic tricks. When a government act in our behave in an non-transparent and unethical way, well, we should embrace platforms like Wikileaks. This is why Wikileaks is actually a good thing for the US, as Wired Magazine just published. And as Julian Assange said, don’t shoot the messenger!

Transparency 2.0,  Welcome!

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